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RHK’s multitouch book series have been created specially for the iPad and are available exclusively from the iBookstore. Each title contains all the multimedia and interactive features you’d expect from an enhanced eBook, making it a unique reading and viewing experience.
RACE FOR SPACE: the race to the Moon
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The mid-20th century saw America and the Soviet Union embark on one of the most remarkable endeavors the world has ever seen – the race to conquer space and land a man on the Moon.

Now, in a series of 12 interactive eBooks, ex-NASA scientist David Baker and Russian space expert Anatoly Zak give their own unique perspective on the events leading up to the historic landing of Apollo 11 in July 1969.

Race for Space combines highly readable text with rare archive photos and movie clips, slideshows and interactive illustrations to present the story of the space race in a uniquely exciting way that's a must for space fans of all ages.

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PUBLICATION DATE: September, 2013
Volume 1 FREE; regular price $4.99 or equivalent
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An exciting series of six enhanced eBooks that describes how our knowledge of the cosmos has grown over the centuries, explains how the universe works, and takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of its most spectacular sights.

Each title in the series features easy-to-read text, amazing photographs and illustrations, engaging mini-movies, and imaginary scenarios from the future, along with multiple choice quizzes at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge.
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PUBLICATION DATE: September, 2013
Regular price $4.99 or equivalent
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A series of multitouch eBooks that portrays the lives and work of the great artists, with mini-movies that show their most famous paintings in amazing close-up detail. It’s like being able to walk up and touch them!

The books' clear, easy-to-read text, beautiful photographs and interactive features explain what inspired the artists, how their work evolved during their lifetime, and the key elements of their painting style.

Together, they present an absorbing viewing and reading experience for anyone looking to enhance their appreciation of art and understand what goes into the making of a masterpiece.
Regular price $6.99 or equivalent

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